Download Microsoft Purble Place Game for Windows PC (Cake Maker)

Purble Place is actually a set of three games Comfy Cakes, Purble Shop, and Purble Pairs. These whimsical games help teach children memory, pattern recognition, and reasoning skills. But at higher difficulty levels, they’ll challenge players of all ages.

You can select the difficulty level which you want to play at the beginning of the game. You can also change the difficulty level later by clicking options on the game menu.

Look at the cake on the TV and make a batch of cakes just like that. Put the filling down on a cake layer. Work fast because the cake papers will keep coming. You must match the cake on the TV. Once you matched the order move your cake to the platform with the star so it can go to shipping.

Look at the cakes that appear on the TV and make matching cakes. Start baking your cake. Look at the order on the TV and choose the right shape for your cake pan. Use the right arrow to move your cake to the next station.

To keep the line neat, you have to build your cakes on wax paper. Put cake pans down on the white squares. Download pattern recognition video game and play on any Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 PC.

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Purble Place Game for PC

How to Play Purble Place Game on Windows?

Comfy Cakes:

This game puts you in Chef Purple’s bakery. Your job is to fill an order for a batch of cakes. The bakery’s customers are very particular, so you’ll need to make the cakes with the correct combination of design, cream, fillings, sugar paste, and decorations. You must bake the cake fast because the cakes never stop coming.

Purble Shop:

This game tests your powers of deduction. The goal is to make your Purple’s face match the mystery Purble behind the curtain. Choose hair, eyes, nose, and lips from the shelves, then learn how many—but not which—features you got right!

Purble Pairs:

This game’s goal is to find all the identical pictures before time runs out. Flip a tile to reveal a picture and then try to find its match. Use a “sneak peek” token to get a glimpse of the whole board.

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Purble Place Game

Purble Place Difficulty Levels:

  • Beginner: Easy recipes, one cake at a time.
  • Intermediate: Harder recipes, multiple cakes at a time.
  • Advances: Hardest recipes, multiple cakes at a time.

How to Start a Game?

  • Click to open Games.
  • Double-click Purble Place.
  • Click on the menu, then select and open the game.
  • Select a difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

How to Save a Game?

  • If you need to finish a game later, just exit the game, and then click Save.
  • The next time you play, you’ll be asked whether you want to continue your saved game.
  • If so, click yes.

How to Change Game Options?

  • You can adjust sounds, tips, difficulty level, and other settings.
  • Click to open Games and double-click Purble Place.
  • Click the Game menu, and then click Purble Shop, Purble Pairs, or Comfy Cakes.
  • Select a difficulty level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.
  • Click the Game menu, and then click Options.
  • Make your choices, and then click OK.
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Download Details:

File Name: Purble Place Game

Download Size: 171 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Language: Multi-Language

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Version: 6.1 (Full Version)

Category: Windows PC Games

Download Purble Place for Windows PC

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