Download the Incredible Machine 1 Video Game for Windows PC

If you are the kind of person who gets off on gadgets and gizmos and insanely complicated contraptions, you’re going to go wild over the incredible machine.

There are 208 puzzles here awaiting your creative genius. A puzzle is simply a machine with a few parts taken away. The person playing the puzzle has to figure out what hoes where in order to make the machine work.

In make a machine, you are set free to design your own puzzles and machines. A full parts bin of 60 gadgets is at your disposal. Use your imagination. Anything goes.

Once you have made something you want to show your pals and keep forever, you can give your puzzle a name and goal description, and save it in a special game file for future use.

Basically, the game works like this: you get puzzle, a goal, and a bunch of spare parts. Your challenge is to figure out how the spare parts fit in to solve the puzzle. Or, you can become the Machine Maker and build your own puzzles.

See how weird and tough and crazy you can make them. Then test them out on your pals. But be careful too much machine mania can have some pretty spooky side effects.

Go to Puzzle Play:

Choose the icon to go into puzzle play. There are 208 puzzle of varying difficulty for you to solve. Hitting this icon will take you directly to the first unsolved puzzle.

Go to Make A Machine:

Takes you to make a machine, where you can build your own machines and puzzles from a bin of 60 parts.

Go to Tutorials:

Select this icon to go to the tutorial puzzles. This is a great place to start playing the incredible machine. Discover how various parts work while you solve beginning-level puzzles.

Download Incredible Machine Game for PC

How to Play the Incredible Machine Video Game:

1. Choose the puzzle play icon in the opening menu.

2. A goal screen for puzzle # 1 appears. Hit the A button when you understand the goal.

3. The playfield appears with a puzzle awaiting your solution.

4. Test the puzzle to see what happens before you add any parts. Hit the C button to bring up the main control panel. Then hit the A button to choose the lit-up green arrow. The parts Bin will disappear and the puzzle will run. You can do this at any time while you’re trying to solve a puzzle.

5. Hit the A, B, or C Button to stop the test run and bring back the parts bin.

6. Position a mouse in the brick box on the right. Copy the example on the left.

7. Now you must flip the mouse motor. A question mark will appear. Hit the B Button to bring the B Button menu. Hit the red curved arrows icon to flip the part.

8 Connect a belt from the conveyor belt to the mouse motor.

9. Place the basketball above the mouse motor. The mouse motor, belt, and basketball should be set up on the right.

10. Hot the C button to bring up the C button menu.

11. Hit the A button to choose the lit-up green arrow. The puzzle will run. You have solved the puzzle.

File Name: The Incredible Machine 1

Download Size: 323 KB

File Type: .Zip

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Dynamix

Rating: Excellent

Version: DOSBox version

Category: Arcade Game

Download the Incredible Machine for Windows PC

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