Download & Play Jewel Quest 2 Game (Free) for Windows PC

Jewel Quest 2 is another entertainment game, in the series of Jewel Quest games. You will play the role of a brave and courageous adventurer who ventures into the ruins of the folk Mayan people to retrieve jewels, precious stones, and magical artifacts capable of turning sand into gold.

To collect such valuable objects, you must combine at least three identical pieces so that they are aligned vertically or horizontally. Download Jewel Quest 2 game by iWin free and play on any Windows PC whether or not you’re online.

Travel the world on an all-new adventure of jewel-matching fun. By doing so, points are credited to your score and the positions of the captured items turn yellow. You need to make the entire board win this golden look to move on to the next stage.

As you progress through the game, the scenarios get bigger and more difficult. Stay connected in every move you make because you have a time limit to complete each phase. Explore the ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization, uncovering hidden treasures and priceless artifacts that will win the respect of your fellow archaeologists.

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At the beginning of your endeavor, you have four lives, meaning these are all your chances to complete one level. In addition, Jewel Quest ii free allows multiple profiles to be created – allowing you and your friends or family to enjoy the game without disturbing each other’s progress.

Jewel Quest 2 PC Game

The Jewel Quest ii Gameplay?

• Matches: Form matches by lining up 3 or more identical jewels horizontally or vertically. Swap 2 adjacent jewels by clicking on both squares or by dragging one jewel to the adjacent square.

• New Discoveries: There is a number of things to discover in jewel quest 2. You may discover them at the right time. Your ability to find will be highly rewarded.

• Lives: The game begins with a total of five lives and bonus lives will be awarded every 50,000 points. You may lose your lives when the time is up or if you have no moves to make. The game finish when all your lives are lost.

• Timer: You must complete the level on or before the time or else you may lose one life. If you completed the level successfully on time the bonus reward (points) will be added to your score.

• Scoring: The more relics that are matched at the same time, the more points scored per relic.

• Hints: Hints and tips will be popup if no game has been played. You can see the 2 jewels that animate to show you an available move.

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• Empty Space: You can move jewels into any empty space. Empty spaces can be useful tools in solving various levels. Save them for the right moment.

• Special Moves: Special moves can be used for a free gold space. To use a special move, click the ‘Special” button and then click on any space or jewel.

• Gold Coins: Gold coins are special! Match 3 gold coins to earn a special move. Save up special moves to use when you need them most.

Jewel Quest 2 Game for PC

iWin Jewel Quest 2 Game Key Features:

  • 180 puzzles and boards.
  • 9 new jewels and power-ups to discover.
  • 5 skill levels to master.
  • Rich African artwork & locations.
  • Engaging story.
  • Unlimited Play.

How to Play Jewel Quest ii Game on Windows PC?

  • Swap two adjacent jewels so that three or more identical jewels line up horizontally or vertically.
  • Matched jewels turn the space under them to gold.
  • Then the jewels are removed from the board.
  • Jewels from above then fall into the empty spaces.
  • When every space on the board has been turned to gold, you have solved it.
  • Enjoy playing the game by downloading it for free.
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Download Details:

File Name: Jewel Quest 2 Game

Download Size: 129 KB

File Type: .Exe

License: Free Download

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Language: English

Publisher: iWin

Version: Jewel Quest ii

Category: Puzzle Video Game

Download Jewel Quest 2 Game for Windows PC

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