Download Lenovo Bluetooth Driver for Windows PC

Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-distance communications technology deliberate to replace the wires connecting portable or fixed devices at the same time maintaining high levels of security.

The global acceptance of Bluetooth and the structure of Bluetooth technology allows any Bluetooth-enabled device to connect to any other Bluetooth-enabled device located within a specified proximity.

Download and install the lenovo bluetooth driver version setup wizard on your computer. This wizard will install dirvers for your bluetooth adapter to use it with Microsoft Windows 7 and XP 32-bit and 64-bit.

Add blutooth driver wizard, once you see the bluetooth device was successfully connected to your computer. You computer and the device can communicate whenever they are near each other.

Using Lenovo bluetooth software, you can use Bluetooth stereo and mono headsets on your computer to listen to music and answer VoIP calls.

Also, you can turn your computer into a Bluetooth speaker for any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Bluetooth technology is designed to have very low power consumption including allowing radios to be powered down when inactive.

You can also share local folders on your computer with other Bluetooth devices, transfer any type of files between computers and Bluetooth devices, create or delete files and folders on a Bluetooth device, use the Send-To Wizard from the Microsoft Office menu to send files to Bluetooth device. Download free intel bluetooth drivers for Lenovo desktop or laptop.

Download Lenovo Bluetooth Driver

How to Use Lenovo Bluetooth Driver on Windows PC (7 and XP):

1. Find your device in the range of the computer:

• Turn on your Bluetooth device and put it into discoverable state. Consult your device user manual on how to do this.

• On your computer, click on the Bluetooth tray icon and select Add a Device menu item. Bluetooth software performs an inquiry process and shows all Bluetooth devices that are located in the radio range near the computer.

2. Establish secure link with the device:

• After the device appears in the Add a Device window, double-click on the device icon or select the device icon and click Next. Depending on device type and security settings, you are prompted to do the pairing operation using your device. Most Bluetooth devices require authentication (or pairing) to allow connection or even searching for services.

• If secret PIN codes entered or generated on the computer and on the device are the same, the computer becomes paired with the Bluetooth device.

3. Connect your computer to the service on the device:

• After completing pairing and service discovery operations, the Bluetooth Device Operations and Settings window opens.

• Within the Bluetooth Device Operations and Settings window all services provided by the device are grouped by types, like Files Exchange or Audio & Video. The exact set of the services is different for any particular device type.

• After you select the required service, your device is connected to the computer. You can access that connected device at any time by selecting Show Bluetooth Devices in Bluetooth tray menu and double-clicking on the device icon.

File Name: Lenovo Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Download Size: 258 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

License: Free Download

Language: Multi-language

Publisher: Lenovo Group Limited

Version: Latest Version

Category: Bluetooth Driver

Download Lenovo Bluetooth Driver for Windows PC

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