Download Free Full Version Snooker Game for Windows PC

One of the world’s most famous billiard table games is snookers. It played all over the world in different levels. Snooker game is played on a six, nine or twelve feet table with six pockets.

The goal is to strike the white ball (cue ball) with a cue in the direction of one of the other red balls and to put this ball in one of the six pockets in a certain order.

Snooker game for PC is one of the most popular games among the teenagers with very simple rules and easy learning. Download the full version game and play offline on any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PC (32 bit or 64 bit).

There’s something in the realm of snookers that has been gaining popularity recently. If you want to change the Windows size you can go to Window select normal or auto fit. You can even watch your last shot on a replay mode.

Snooker 147 for PC is a kind of classic game that requires sharpness, accuracy, concentration, patience and good strategic game play. We have seen many professional easily hitting maximum in tournaments, that is because they practice so hard.

They have good coaches to help them analyze their strategic game play, shot selection, concentration, and the most important pre-match analysis. Complete the snooker 147 and poolster setup wizard.

With the technology advancing daily, topnotch gaming platform nowadays are able to produce realistic graphics and game play in relates to match of snooker. This is an affordable and best alternative than getting a snooker coach.

The satisfaction of playing snookers derives largely from potting impossible shots, playing accurately, winning most difficult game, good break strategy, safe playing, and suppressing your opponent ability to win.

Most realistic snooker game ever made for the gaming lovers with an ease of control as you enter the race with beginners or professional player’s. Download the full game from the below given link and install on any Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

There are many snookers related games available online, but there is one game title which most recommend is the Snooker147. Snooker 147 differs among the rest because it’s realistic game play, simple controls, light weight application, and easy to install.

Download Snooker Game for PC

The arena of this game will never be less of users to bring out the situation of an exciting and interesting snooker match. You can not only playing just for fun, or to improve your game, but you can even prepare to compete in virtual championships.

Excellent, highly interactive and, very realistic anyone who loves billiards will find snookers it easier at first. The matches are more interesting and fun, although a number of players take them very seriously. The game brings an extremely realistic mechanics you can make professional shots or even change direction abruptly.

Full version contains multiplayer features you can play with more than one player in the same match or single match against Windows PC. Snooker147 is an excellent simulator with simple graphic and perfect sounding. The camera travels around the table, making it possible to adjust the best angle with each shot.

Snooker147 will make you really feel inside a parlor, aiming with the stick in your hands to pot a ball. With full graphics and extremely realistic play, it takes a couple minutes to forget that you’re in front of a PC and playing against your computer.

Different Types of Snookers Game:

• Power Snooker (Nine reds and one power ball, and matches limited to thirty minutes)
• Six-red Snooker Game (played with only six reds)
• Snooker Shootout (One frame knockout, matches limited to ten minutes, any fouls will result to ball in hand)
• Snooker Game on Gaming Platforms

You can select the computer level you wish to play:
• Skew Eye Stew (Cross-eyed, and easier to beat)
• Amateur Joe (Middle of the road player)
• Steady Eddie (An accurate, difficult opponent)

• Auto spin reset
• Auto power reset
• Set computer level (Easy, Medium and Difficult)
• You can save the game and play it later as per your convenient
• Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
• Multiplayer, play with anyone
• Configure sounds
• Display reminders
• Ball trails
• Re-rack
• Re-stimulate
• Colour blind tips
• Replay Mode
• Replay Slow
• Open and save shot
• Halt balls
• Position cue ball

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Game Name: Snooker PC Game

File Type: .Exe

Version: Snooker 147 Version 1.3

Developer: JHC Software

File Size: 1.30 MB

License: Free Download

Category: Windows PC Games

Download Snooker Game for Windows PC

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