How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger? (4 Easy Ways)

A laptop has become an essential part of today’s generation. For everything we need a laptop, let that be work or any other entertainment purpose.

As we increase laptop usage, at the same time we need to find a socket to plug in the laptop’s charger. This has become a conventional routine.

Not everywhere we would carry a charger. Many times we will forget the charger and that’s the real pain, especially when we are far away from home and there’s not a single charger available to charge our laptop.

The charger is a medium to transfer the power to a laptop; with this logic, we can charge a laptop without a charger, all we need to have is a power source and a medium to transfer the power to the laptop.

Nothing to worry about, although we didn’t carry a laptop’s charger we still can charge the laptop in 4 simple ways without a charger.

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How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger?

Let’s See How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger?

1. How to Charge a laptop with a USB Type-C:

If we have a USB Type-C port on our laptop, then it’ll be very easy for us to charge the laptop. We need to have a USB Type-C cable and an adapter.

Some laptops also use a Type-C port as a primary charging port. Now we need to connect one end of the USB Type-C cord to a power source and the other end to the laptop.

That’s how we can charge the laptop using a Type-C cable and not by using the original laptop’s charger.

2. How to Charge a laptop with a power bank:

This is the simplest method than the other two. The power bank is a power reserved charger, hence we don’t need to connect this to any power supply. This method is very flexible as we can charge the laptop wherever we are.

For this, we need a fully-charged power bank and a cable that has Type-A to connect the power port of a power bank and a Type-C port to connect to the laptop (generally this cable is just termed as a Type-C cable).

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3. How to Charge a Laptop with a USB-C PD charger:

USB-C PD charger can charge up almost every laptop or tablet that accepts power over type C connections with just USB-C PD chargers.

Simply plug the charger into the side of the laptop you will see that it charges up at full speed with a USB-C PD charger. With USB-C voltage and amperage meter, you can see just how fast your device is charging.

4. Charge the laptop in a car:

We all have charged our phones in a car, but now we can even charge our laptops in it. Cars also have electricity, we just need an AC Adapter and USB car charger.

Now turn on the engine and plug the car charger (which has a Type-A port) into the charging port and connect the other end (Type-C port) to the charger. In many recent cars, we directly get USB ports, so we can directly charge without an adapter.

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Note: Keeping this in mind we have explained 4 simple ways of charging a laptop without a charger. But, we also need to be very careful as some laptops may get damaged due to over-heating.

Also, there may be variation in the voltage of the power supply, ultimately leading to damage to the laptop. Check everything before you try!

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