Download Microsoft Fix it Center Tool for Windows PC

Microsoft Fix it Center can resolve computer problems quickly and easily with a single click. Select the troubleshooter that best matches your problem and click the run button.

If you do not see a troubleshooter for your problem, click Go to Microsoft Fix it Center Online in the bottom of the Fix it Center window. Look for problems that can stop you installing or uninstalling a program and help prevent computer issues.

Download and install fix it center to troubleshoot your computer problems. These troubleshooters were chosen based on your hardware and software. Installed troubleshooters will be updated automatically as new versions become available.

Microsoft fix it lets you automatically fix common problems on other computers for free. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, & 8.1 and 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) PC.

Fix it center is an automated troubleshooter application for your PC. If any Windows programs, videos, or Internet explorer freezes or crashes it will automatically diagnose and identify the issue that may cause Windows program to become unstable, to crash, or to stop responding.

To verify your problem has been fixed, try the task that was causing the problem or let the Microsoft fix it know you still have issues and the problem has not been fixed.

Once you download and installed Microsoft fix it successfully the automated troubleshooter will check your PC for specific problems, automatically fix all the issues it finds and verify that fixes have been applied or it will ask you if the problem has been fixed and provide you with additional options.

The diagnostic tool gathers all the information about your PC. It also allows you to save and send that information to Microsoft support and then notifies your support professional and uninstalls itself.

If you don’t have .Net Framework installed on your PC then the additional software is required to run Fix it center. .Net Framework must be 2.0 or higher, the setup will allows you download .net framework.

So, just install the additional software and run the setup again. It works great on Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating system including Windows 7, 8, & 8.1 and 10 PC.

Always keep Windows defender on, Windows defender won’t provide protection against harmful or potentially unwanted software which cause troubleshoot and it won’t send you alert if it is off. To help protect and boost your system against harmful software, turn on and open Windows defender.

Download Microsoft Fix It Tool

Find Automated Solutions for Your Issues:

• Fix the CD/DVD drives that can’t read or write.
• Fix audio and sound playback problems.
• Issues with windows games.
• Performance, errors or crashes.
• Print, fax, scan, network error.
• Installation or Uninstallations errors.
• Fix security, privacy and user account.
• Upgrade software or hardware.
• Supports windows 7, 8, & 8.1 and 10 PC.
• Internet explorer freezes or stops responding.
• Windows startup problems.
• Fix security issues to secure windows automatically.
• Windows firewall and sync.
• Windows could not search for new updates.
• Find and fix problems with Windows updates.

Instructions to Download and Save the Fix it Portable Tool:

1. Click Browse and then choose where you want to save Fit it tool. It’s recommended that you use ant removable disk like USB flash drive or DVD so that you can easily take Fix it portable tool to the PC that has the problem.

2. Click the Save button below.

File Name: Microsoft Fix it Center Tool

File Size: 440 KB

File Type: .Exe

License: Free Download

Language: Multi-language

Category: Windows PC Apps

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Vista 

Version: Latest Version

Download Microsoft Fix it Center Tool for PC

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