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The race for becoming the best Web browser isn’t taking place in desktop systems only: mobile operating systems are turning more and more into the new battlefield since mobile devices are starting to increase their presence in our daily lives.

That’s why we’re seeing the release of mobile editions of the major Internet browsers. But those companies aren’t the only ones that want a piece of the pie.

And sometimes, the newest competitors are the ones that bring revolutionary concepts. Among them, you’ll find 360 Browser, a definitely secure and safe web browser for iPhone and iPad.

360 Browser

360 Mobile Browser Features:

If we’re to compare 360 Web Browser with Safari browser, Apple’s default app for browsing the Internet, we’ll encounter various differences. The first and most obvious one is how the user can interact with the browser to surf the Internet.

360 Browser proposes a very different interaction: controls and web-specific actions based on mouse gestures.

The key element to this idea is to control in form of a wheel, which the company likes to call the arc. Once you access it, this arc will come up packed with common actions you can trigger by simply dragging your fingers to the desired option.

360 safe and secure browsers offer malicious website interception reminders and online environment security detection. With special web page caching technology, your mobile browsing speed continues to increase.

Among them, you’ll find a very powerful download manager that will help you in downloading any type of file and a Quick Access List for faster access to your preferred content.

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A built-in media player which can aid you in synchronizing your bookmarks and preferences between your mobile browser and your desktop one. In this way, you can open a new tab, change the text’s size, access your favorite websites, and a lot more.

Obviously, 360 Browser for iPhone and iPad is a valid alternative for only some people. Who? The ones that are seeking more control over their web browsing experience.

If you’re searching for more power at the expense of minimalistic controls, then this is the app you should be checking. News websites, popular books, amazing videos to watch, voice search, and more.

If you, however, like simplicity and you are happy with your current web browser’s functionality, then maybe this might be too radical for you. All of the options packed in the 360 browsers might seem overwhelming, especially at first.

We believe that a smarter, quicker, and more comfortable way of browsing the Internet is possible. We also think that developers aren’t taking enough chances to revolutionize this department and they’re settling for the safest bet.

Although this might be alright with most of the users, some of us want something different and the 360 browser is certainly a great start.

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App Details:

File Name: 360 Secure Browser

Download Size: 85 MB

OS: iOS 8.0 or later

License: Free Download

Language: English and Chinese

Publisher: Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.,

Version: Latest Version

Category: Mobile Apps


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