Download Microsoft Cortana (Virtual Assistant) App for Windows PC

Cortana is a personal digital assistant on the go. Everywhere with you across all your devices. Introduced in Windows Phone, Cortana was designed with the goal of assisting you and helping you get things done smoothly.

Cortana is a virtual personal assistant who has been working for you for years. She’s constantly on hand, gliding in and out of view to get you just what you need without interrupting the conversation.

She grows to know you over time and uses that knowledge to assist you in getting things done every day. It can even adjust her behavior depending on which device you’re using; for example, while you’re on your phone, interactions will be brief.

When you’re on your computer, she can help you stay productive for longer lengths of time. Of course, you have complete control over what she knows and how she manage on your behalf.

If you miss a call on your cell phone, get notified and make a short text reply from your Windows PC. Cortana can be there for you across all your Microsoft devices, including Windows 10, 8.1, & 11 PC, tablet, and Windows mobile phone.

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Cortana Download for PC

Cortana works best when it has a lot of knowledge about you and your everyday activities thanks to data and information from your PC, Smartphone, and your Microsoft account.

It gathers and uses information about you to provide you with personalized user experiences and valuable suggestions, such as your favorite music track, your location, calendar, weather report, alarm, apps you use, emails, phone records, contacts, and people you frequently engage with.

Microsoft Cortana personal assistant app is only compatible with Windows 8.1, 10, and 11 PC. It does not support the previous Microsoft operating system including Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

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What Can Microsoft Cortana App Do?

She can do everything from reminding you to pick up your dry cleaning to informing you whether your flight is late or whether you’ll need more time to go to the airport owing to traffic. She’ll even start a conversation with you.

Cortana App Download

Things you can say to Cortana include:

  • When is the next Football game?
  • What is the weather forecast for India on Sunday?
  • What is today’s Facebook stock price?
  • Remind me to drink water every 60 minutes.
  • Tell me a story.
  • Call home.
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Of course, because Cortana is powered by Bing Search Engine, she can also assist you in searching for and finding anything quickly on your device. Keep track of your flight reservations, cricket score, stocks, and other vital information on your laptop.

Cortana Personal Assistant

Microsoft Cortana App Key Features:

• Text Messages and Email:

  • Cortana personal assistant uses your messages to accomplish a range of things, like scheduling events to your calendar, notifying you of critical messages, and keeping you informed about events and other relevant information.
  • It can also use your emails to assist you with event planning and provide other useful insights and suggestions.
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• Communications History:

  • From your call, text, and email history, she knows who is most important to you.
  • She uses this to track the individuals who are most important to you and your preferred communication methods.

Cortana Software Download

• Speech and Input Personalization:

  • Speech data is transferred to Microsoft to better understand how you speak and your voice commands.
  • This allows the creation of personalized models of speech synthesis and improves speech recognition and user intent comprehension.
  • She can only work on Windows devices if “Input Personalization” is enabled, therefore if you turn this off, Cortana will be disabled.

• Microsoft Apps and Services:

  • It provides customized suggestions based on information gathered from other Microsoft products & services.
  • For example, she can collect data from the Sports app to give you the info about your favorite team automatically.
  • It also uses Microsoft’s Maps app data to know your favorite spots so it can provide better recommendations.
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• Third-party Services:

  • It also allows you to link to third-party services for more personalized experiences based on data from those services.
  • When you connect to FB or LinkedIn account through Microsoft Cortana, that will give access to your social media data, allowing to offer you more effective and personalized suggestions.
  • In the Cortana Notebook options, you can easily manage connections to third-party apps and services.

Download Microsoft Cortana

• Location:

  • Microsoft Cortana digital personal assistant uses your current GPS location, location history, and location signals on a regular basis (like locations tagged on pics you upload to Microsoft One Drive).
  • This information is utilized to provide you with the most appropriate notices and results, as well as generate time-saving ideas such as weather, traffic, and location-based reminders.
  • Because location services are required to function, if you will turn it off, it will be disabled.
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• Browsing History:

  • If you want to send Microsoft Edge your entire browser history, it will then make recommendations based on the websites you have visited.
  • She won’t collect data you browse in InPrivate (incognito) tabs.

• Search History:

  • Even if she handles the search for you, your Bing search engine queries are treated the same as any other search queries and used as specified in the Bing section.

How to Setup Cortana?

How to Setup Cortana?

  • Turn Cortana on your Windows PC.
  • Then go to the search box.
  • When asked to get started select “I’m in”.
  • Then select “I agree”.
  • When asked to enable speech, and typing personalization, then select “Yes”.
  • Finally when asks what she should call you, enter your name and then select “Use that”.
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Download Details:

File Name: Microsoft Cortana App

Download Size: 10.5 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download


Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Language: Multi-language

Rating: Excellent

Version: Latest Version

Category: Windows PC Apps

Download Microsoft Cortana App for Windows PC

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