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Iconcool FantaPhoto is brand new photo editing software developed by Newera Software Technology Inc. Now, you can use FantaPhoto shareware for your photo retouching.

Iconcool FantaPhoto easily allows you to crop, transform and optimize your images as well as powerful batch-pictures process.

Useful functions integrate most of the common use functions, batch processing supports pasting pictures, resizing, and watermark for locally saved photos.

iconcool fantaphoto photo editor

IconCool FantaPhoto Photo Editor Full Features:

Useful Functions:

• Check Samples: Check the sample pictures retouched by FantaPhoto.
• One-Key Label: Add a label to the photo.
• One-Key Logo: Add a text or picture to the photo as a logo.

Picture Move:

• Flip Horizontally: Flip current photo horizontally.
• Flip Vertically: Flip current photo vertically.
• Free Rotate: Rotate freely the current photo by arbitrary angle.
• Crop: Crop the current photo by arbitrary shape or rectangle.
• Zoom: Adjust the size for the current photo.


• Zoom In: Enlarge the photo in canvas.
• Zoom Out: Reduce the photo size in canvas.
• Original Size: Show the photo on canvas with original size.
• Fit Canvas: Fit to the canvas in the same size.

Picture Effect:

• Add Light to Dark Field: Add more light to the current photo and adjust color.
• Reduce Light from Highlight: Reduce the light from the current photo and adjust color.
• Auto-Much Whiter: One-click to add a much whiter effect to the current photo.
• Key-to-Key Much Whiter: Choose one spot for Much Whiter adjustment.
• Auto-Lambency: One-click to get lambency and adjust the light.

Picture Decoration:

• Watermark: Add text or image to the current photo as watermark effect.
• Frame Decoration: Add a beautiful frame for a current photo.
• Pasting Picture to Original Picture: Paste pictures to a current photo.
• Partial Adjustment: This function can let you apply visible effect adjustment to the selected part on the current photo.

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Professional Adjustment:

• Measure Tool: This new function can calculate the distance between any two points in an image. You can conveniently measure the distance from starting point to the ending point. Also, you can set the unit of current measurement in Pixels, inches, and centimeters.

• Sepia: This effect can make your photos look older. And it imitates faded photos and yellowish photo paper effect.

• Red-eye Removal: This is a photo correction tool. With red-eye removal, you can easily remove a common red-eye effect from a digital photo.

• Color Balance: With the RGB option, you can adjust the RGB channel on photos freely.

• Hue/Saturation: It can let you easily adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness for a current photo.

• Invert color: You can use this function to change the color on a photo to its inverse color.

• Blur: Intensify the faintness of the photo.

• Sharpen: Give the protruding edge for the current photo.

• Lightness, Contrast, Gamma: Adjust lightness, contrast, Gamma for the current photo.

• Mosaic: Make mosaic effect to the photo.

File Name: IconCool FantaPhoto Photo Editor

Download Size: 7.30 MB

File Type: .EXE

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

License: Free Trial Version

Language: English

Publisher: Newera Software Technology Inc.

Version: Latest Version

Category: Windows PC

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