Download Hindi Keyboard Typing Software for Windows PC

Hindi Indic IME (Input method Editor) is a keyboard typing free software which gives any users an easy way to type the content in Hindi language using the same English keyboard. Hindi input method editor has various features such as AutoText to enable or disable type ahead options.

Customized word list to add/update/delete user-defined words for auto text display, on-the-fly help to enable or disable character help. Language toggle to toggle between the Hindi and English language and mainly keyboard to switch over between different keyboards.

There is a virtual keyboard which is displayed on the screen so the user does not have to remember the mapping of English to Hindi. The characters can be either typed by pressing the keys or by clicking on the keyboard.

Typing by clicking away is fun and can help the user in getting familiar with the keyboard layout while achieving speed and proficiency. Download the very useful and free English to Hindi typing software for any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PC.

The full version of Hindi typing software allows any user to type the word in a phonetic manner and display various key combinations for different number of sounds on any Windows application including Windows MS office, excel, word and notepad and have the text on the fly get converted to Hindi.

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Indic IME has different and useful features which provide easiest way to type English to Hindi. Read full feature of Indic Input method tool which is given below:

Bilingual Compose: To compose text in both English and Hindi, click on the first button of the status bar. A drop down list showing English and Hindi will be displayed. Select the language. The text typed after this will come in the selected language.

On-the-Fly Help: Indic IME app provides online help of the English character mapping along with Hindi. As the user types, help for each character is available on the screen, helping the user in typing.

Auto Text: Indic IME app provides auto text help regarding commonly used English and Hindi words. As the user begins typing the word all the possible match of words will appear in the drop-down window.

User can select the word from the list by clicking on the word in the list instead of typing the complete word. This feature increases the user’s composing speed as well as reducing errors.

The auto text help can be turned off as per the preference of the user. To turn off the auto text help click on the icon given in the status bar. The drop down list of option is displayed. Select the option turn of the auto text to turn of the auto text.

Customized Word List: User can add, update or delete words in the customized word-list which will be available during the auto text help. User can define his own word-list and add/delete/update his own words or override any of the word from customized word list.

The customized list feature gives tremendous advantage in saving keyboard time by giving type ahead substitutions alternatives. User can define custom shortcuts or equivalents that will overcome the regular word list or the regular phonetic logic.

Hindi keyboard typing software cannot be installed on a Windows PC that does not already support the application in the same language that you are installing. To enable this feature, go to your PCs control panel, click on language and region.

Select the language option, and check the tab Install complex scripts files and left – right language. This process will install the English to Hindi keyboard typing software for free for any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PC.

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Download Hindi Typing Software

How to Use Hindi Indic IME App:

• Go to your computer control panel.
• Click on change keyboards or other input methods.
• To change your keyboard or input language click change keyboards.
• Then add Hindi language and select (Hindi Indic IME app or Inscript app, etc).
• After successfully installing Indic IME start the app on any any Microsoft Windows application.
• Click the language option located in the system tray at the windows task-bar.
• Click on Indic IME.
• Start typing in Hindi

Keyboard Options: Hindi Indic IME typing software provides five types of different keyboard:

Hindi Transliteration – With Hindi transliterationthe user can easily type the text in Roman English using the same English keyboard. It works great on phonetics and most useful and effective when you spell the text the way it is spoken.

Hindi Remington – Hindi Remington is a common Hindi typewriter all the Hindi characters can be mapped to the standard English keyboard.

Typewriter Keyboard – Typewriter Keyboardis an another Hindi typing keyboard. You can easily type as per the keyboard layout of Hindi India typewriter.

Inscript Keyboard – The Indian alphabet has a logical structure, derived from the phonetic properties. The Inscript overlay mirrors this logical structure. This overlay has also been optimized from phonetic/frequency considerations.

Anglo Nagari Keyboard – The Indian alphabet has a logical structure, derived from the phonetic properties. In the Anglo Nagari overlay the Devanagari characters are mapped keeping synonymity with English characters.

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 10 PC (32 bit or 64 bit)

File Name: Hindi Setup.exe

File Type: .Exe

Software Name: Indic IME

File Size: 4.25 MB

License: Free Download

IME File Version: Latest Version

Category: Free Typing Software

Download Hindi Typing Software for Windows PC

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